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There are two methods for installing my themes. Which one you use depends on whether you already have osTicket installed.

Installing a theme as a new installation

If you don’t already have an existing osTicket installation, there are no special steps to take in addition to the standard osTicket install process. In your theme’s unzipped folder, there is a sub-directory titled install.

This is the complete osTicket package and is ready to install on your chosen server, incorporating the theme.

To install osTicket, please refer to osTicket’s Wiki for a step-by-step guide.

I am unfortunately not able to offer support on osTicket installation.

Installing a theme on an existing installation

Whilst a fairly straightforward task, implementation of an osTicket Theme into an existing osTicket installation must be performed with care as to not overwrite existing configuration. However, by following the simple steps below, you will be themed up in no time! The process described below is the same as if you were upgrading osTicket. This process is described in detail here: osTicket upgrade and migration.

Please note: Only installations from osTicket version 1.6 RC1 upwards can use this theme. If your osTicket version is older than 1.6, you need to look into migration of your installation first before proceeding.

  1. Backup your existing installation. I cannot accept responsibility for loss of functionality due to an incorrectly completed installation. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  2. Make sure you have completed the previous step. At the very least you will need to retain a copy of the ost-config.php file, located in the /include directory.
  3. Replace all the files in your osTicket install directory with the files contained within the install directory of the theme download.
  4. Add the ost-config.php file, located in the /include directory in your backup into the same folder of the new installation.
  5. Relax, you’re done.


Choosing a color scheme

My themes include 6 distinct colour schemes. To change the colour scheme:

  1. Open up the file /include/client/header.inc.php in your favourite code or text editor.
  2. Look for the comments in the code “Change your colour scheme here.”
  3. Underneath this, there is a link to the 'blue-scheme.css' file. Change this to the color scheme of your choice from the /assets/[theme*]/colours directory (for example red-scheme.css. This should apply the chosen scheme to the site.

These colour scheme files contain all the colour information for the theme. If you want to customise to your requirements, copy one of the .css files in the ‘colours’ directory, make your own changes and then follow the steps above to link to the correct file. Happy scheming!

Sass (scss)

If Sass is your thing, I have included all the original Sass files in root/assets/[theme*]/sass


If you require further support with the Theme, please visit my online support.

* Replace [theme] with your theme name.


osTT Client


  • osTicket 'Client' side theme
  • Bootstrapped and Responsive
  • Extended support available
  • Includes all osTicket features

Custom Design

from £75

  • Customised version of 'osTT Client'
  • Bespoke design to match your website
  • Professionally designed
  • Includes all osTicket features
Currently supporting osTicket v1.10.4